SMTP-SOURCE(1)                                                  SMTP-SOURCE(1)

       smtp-source - parallelized SMTP/LMTP test generator

       smtp-source [options] [inet:]host[:port]

       smtp-source [options] unix:pathname

       smtp-source  connects to the named host and TCP port (default: port 25)
       and sends one or more messages to it, either sequentially or in  paral-
       lel. The program speaks either SMTP (default) or LMTP.  Connections can
       be made to UNIX-domain and IPv4 or IPv6 servers.  IPv4 and IPv6 are the

       Note:  this is an unsupported test program. No attempt is made to main-
       tain compatibility between successive versions.


       -4     Connect to the server with IPv4. This option has no effect  when
              Postfix is built without IPv6 support.

       -6     Connect  to  the  server with IPv6. This option is not available
              when Postfix is built without IPv6 support.

       -A     Don't abort when the  server  sends  something  other  than  the
              expected positive reply code.

       -c     Display  a running counter that is incremented each time an SMTP
              DATA command completes.

       -C count
              When a host sends RESET instead  of  SYN|ACK,  try  count  times
              before giving up. The default count is 1. Specify a larger count
              in order to work around a problem with TCP/IP stacks  that  send
              RESET when the listen queue is full.

       -d     Don't  disconnect after sending a message; send the next message
              over the same connection.

       -f from
              Use the specified sender address (default: <foo@myhostname>).

       -F file
              Send the pre-formatted message header and body in the  specified
              file, while prepending '.' before lines that begin with '.', and
              while appending CRLF after each line.

       -l length
              Send length bytes  as  message  payload.  The  length  does  not
              include message headers.

       -L     Speak LMTP rather than SMTP.

       -m message_count
              Send the specified number of messages (default: 1).

       -M myhostname
              Use  the specified hostname or [address] in the HELO command and
              in the default sender and recipient addresses,  instead  of  the
              machine hostname.

       -N     Prepend  a  non-repeating  sequence  number  to  each  recipient
              address. This avoids the artificial 100% hit rate in the resolve
              and rewrite client caches and exercises the trivial-rewrite dae-
              mon, better approximating Postfix  performance  under  real-life

       -o     Old mode: don't send HELO, and don't send message headers.

       -r recipient_count
              Send   the   specified  number  of  recipients  per  transaction
              (default: 1).  Recipient names are  generated  by  prepending  a
              number to the recipient address.

       -R interval
              Wait for a random period of time 0 <= n <= interval between mes-
              sages.  Suspending one thread does  not  affect  other  delivery

       -s session_count
              Run  the specified number of SMTP sessions in parallel (default:

       -S subject
              Send mail with the named subject line (default: none).

       -t to  Use the specified recipient address (default: <foo@myhostname>).

       -T windowsize
              Override  the default TCP window size. To work around broken TCP
              window scaling implementations, specify a value > 0 and < 65536.

       -v     Make the program more verbose, for debugging purposes.

       -w interval
              Wait  a fixed time between messages.  Suspending one thread does
              not affect other delivery threads.

              Connect via TCP to host host, port port.  The  default  port  is

              Connect to the UNIX-domain socket at pathname.

       No SMTP command pipelining support.

       smtp-sink(1), SMTP/LMTP message dump

       The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software.

       Wietse Venema
       IBM T.J. Watson Research
       P.O. Box 704
       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA